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CORE management: The reality principle, 2021

Introduction to the EQIPD Quality System, 2020

Building a Quality Management System in a Core Facility: A Genomics Core Case Study, 2020

Core facility management, 2020

Bioinformatics Core Survey Highlights the Challenges Facing Data Analysis Facilities, 2020

An international survey of Training Needs and Career Paths of Core Facility Staff, 2020

The Rigor and Transparency Index Quality Metric for Assessing Biological and Medical Science Methods, 2020

Core Facility Management,2020

A Review of the Scientific Rigor, Reproducibility, and Transparency Studies Conducted by the ABRF Research Groups, 2020

Resolving the Tension Between Exploration and Confirmation in Preclinical Biomedical Research, 2020

Preregistration of exploratory research: Learning from the golden age of discovery, 2020

Improving quality of preclinical academic research through auditing: A feasibility study, 2020

A survey of research quality in core facilities, 2020

Rethinking research reproducibility, 2019

Quality management for academic laboratories: burden or boon?, 2018

Building a Sustainable Portfolio of Core Facilities: a Case Study, 2018

Reproducibility guidelines, 2017

Responsibilities of HHMI Authors, 2017

Reproducibility in light microscopy: Maintenance, standards and SOPs, 2017

A manifesto for reproducible science, 2017

Name It! Store It! Protect It!: A Systems Approach to Managing Data in Research Core Facilities, 2017

Reproducibility2020: Progress and priorities, 2017

How quality control could save your science, 2016

Metrics for Success: Strategies for Enabling Core Facility Performance and Assessing Outcomes, 2016

WHO Guidance on good data and record management practices, 2016

FASEB Research Reproducibility Steering Committee, 2016

A Laboratory Critical Incident and Error Reporting System for Experimental Biomedicine, 2016

A pocket guide to electronic laboratory notebooks in the academic life sciences, 2016

SCIENTIFIC STANDARDS. Promoting an open research culture, 2015

Best practices for core facilities: handling external customers, 2013

Institutional Management of Core Facilities during Challenging Financial Times, 2011

PREMIER: Structured Quality Assurance from and for Academic Preclinical Biomedicine

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