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Your website should be visible on the internet to promote your facility and to attract new customers. It should be designed for the users so that it is comprehensive, clear and easy to navigate (here is a template).

Design one part with all the “public” information, such as:

  • service you provide, your expertise
  • list of your equipment (with photos)
  • your team
  • contact and directions to your facility (with photos)
  • news from your facility (if kept updated)
  • quality concept, mission
  • pricing
  • your research (if you perform any)
  • health and safety
  • maybe also the FAQs, a glossary, your publications, a chat window…

In addition, make a “private” area where your user can find:

  • booking of equipment
  • all forms (such as the user agreement, contract, necessary guidelines, distribution of responsibilities, how the facility should be acknowledged)
  • training
  • equipment list with specific and detailed information regarding experimental design, sample preparation, protocols (SOPs), example and guideline on how to analyse the data, template to write the material and methods, related publications using such equipment)
  • raw data access and storage
  • billing status

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