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All aspects of research quality are presented on this page. Each aspect contains 3 parts:

  • in the first one is a test to assess one’s strengths and weaknesses in this area (5-6 questions)
  • in the second one are recommendations how to improve this specific aspect
  • in the third one is a download centre to share concrete files and templates.

What would you like to improve at your facility?

Interaction with users

Training of CF staff

Raw data acquisition


Quality improvements


Visibility and Networking

I don’t know!

If you don't know where to start you can take this general test (36 questions, 10 minutes) to identify in which areas your weaknesses are.


Specific recommendations per core facility type

In addition to the general recommendations above, which are valid for all core facilities, there are specific aspects, which are important to particular types of core facilities. Go to this section.

Please contribute

This is a wiki website. Please feel free to share your experience and add your own recommendations. In order to do that you first need to log in. For detailed instructions, click on "Help" in the left sidebar. We thank you for your collaboration.